Plumbing Academy Curriculum

Weeks 1 - 2

Getting Started

How does Plumbing Work?
Basic Plumbing Tools
Plumbing Safety
Trades Math

Plumbing Basics

Plumbing Materials Overview
Plumbing Code Overview
Plumbing Demolition
Ladder and Fall Safety

Weeks 3 - 4

Pipe Joining & Repair

Plastic Joining Methods
Pipe Repair Procedures - Plastic Piping
Pipe Repair Procedures - Metallic Piping
Pipe Repair Procedures - Cast Iron

Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings

Plumbing Fixtures Overview
Plumbing Fixtures Installation
Tubular and Fixture Trim
Caulking and Sealing
Hangers and Supports
Fittings and Valves

Weeks 5 - 6

Plumbing Fixture Troubleshooting & Replacement

Plumbing Maintenance
Drain Cleaning Overview
Drain Cleaning Procedures
Toilet Troubleshooting and Replacement
Kitchen Sink Troubleshooting

Electrical for Plumbing

Fundamental Electrical Concepts
How to Use a Multimeter
Electrical Safety

Weeks 7 - 8

Water Heaters

Introduction to Water Heaters
Electric Water Heater Operation
Gas Water Heater Operation
Water Heater Maintenance
Tankless Retrofit

Master Your Trade Simulations

Kitchen Sink Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Toilet Troubleshooting and Replacement Assessment Simulation

3rd Party Certifications

OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry (English)
Six Sigma White Belt Certification


Plumbing Academy Outcome

A graduate is employable as a plumbing assistant who would be a valuable helper in the field.