HVAC Academy Curriculum

Weeks 1 - 2

Getting Started

What is HVAC?
HVAC Safety Basics
Basic HVAC Tools
Trades Math

HVAC Fundamentals

HVAC Systems
HVAC System Parts
HVAC Maintenance
Fundament Electrical Concepts

Weeks 3 - 4

Electrical for HVAC

Symbols and Wiring Diagrams
How to Use a Multimeter
Meters, Switches, Loads & Circuits
HVAC Motors
Contactors and Motor Starters
Thermostats and Heating Controls
Troubleshooting Basic Circuits

HVAC Refrigeration

Introduction to Refrigeration Systems
Refrigerants Overview
AC System Tools - Pressure and Refrigerant Basics
Temperature, Pressure and Heat
Evaporators and Condensors
Troubleshooting Motors

Weeks 5 - 6

HVAC - Evacuation and Charging

Diagnosing Compressor Problems
Leak, Evacuation, and Charging
Leak Check and Evacuation
Charging Part 1: Tools and Rules
Charging Part 2: Subcooling and Superheat
Diagnosing A/C Systems

HVAC Troubleshooting

Intro to Heat Pumps
Airflow Testing Procedures
Residential A/C Troubleshooting
Heat Pump Troubleshooting (Residential)

Weeks 7 - 10

Master Your Trade Simulations

Residential A/C Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation

3rd Party Certification Prep

NATE Ready-to-Work Exam Prep
EPA Section 608 Prep Course: Core
EPA Section 608 Prep Course: Type I
EPA Section 608 Prep Course: Type II
EPA Section 608 Prep Course: Type III
EPA Section 608 Prep Course: Chart Applications & Test Prep

3rd Party Certifications

NATE Ready-to-Work 
EPA Section 608 Certification
OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry (English)
Six Sigma White Belt Certification


HVAC Academy Outcome

A learner is employable as a pre-apprentice level HVAC technician who would be a valuable helper in the field.